Abstractions in Space:Tadao Ando, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra

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Published to mark the opening of Pulitzer Arts Foundation in October 2001, this catalogue focuses on the Pulitzer building, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando. Contributions by Ando, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra, and Emily Rauh Pulitzer describe the careful consideration that attended the design of the building; the nature of its commissioned art; and the philosophies that motivate the Pulitzer's ongoing mission. In addition, an extended essay by William J.R. Curtis explores all aspects of the building's architecture and calls attention to Ando's unparalleled interest in space, light, and materials. This paperback book comes packaged in a slim cardstock slipcase and is illustrated with photographs by Robert Pettus that reveal the building and its commissioned art in various states of natural light.


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The publication of Joe coincided with Pulitzer Arts Foundation's exhibition Hiroshi Sugimoto: Photographs of Joe (2006), for which the photographer turned his attention to Richard Serra's Joe, a torqued spiral sculpture that was commissioned for the Pulitzer's courtyard. To photograph the work, Sugimoto used a technique involving areas of extremely soft light and blurred darkness. Forty of the photographs from this series are included in the book. In addition, the novelist Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything is Illuminated and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) was commissioned to contribute a narrative text—exclusive to this book—that relates to both the sculpture and the photographs while neither describing nor defining them. This oversize hardcover book measures 12" x 14 ¾".

stylus – a project by ann hamilton

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Produced in conjunction with Pulitzer Arts Foundation's exhibition stylus – a project by ann hamilton (2010-11), this publication includes essays by Ann Hamilton, Steven Henry Madoff, and Matthias Waschek, the curator of stylus. Excerpts from Hamilton's email correspondence with Waschek are also reproduced here, providing an abstract record of her evolving vision for the project. As the first multi-sensory exploration of Tadao Ando's architecture and the first commissioned installation by an artist at the Pulitzer, stylus broke new ground in its use of space and sound. Dozens of photographs document the many visual dimensions of the work. This hardcover book also reproduces concordances created during the exhibition and provides a detailed explanation of the installation's audio by sound designer Shahrokh Yadegari.

The Progress of Love

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Exploring the forces that shape our personal and cultural conceptions of love, the publication of The Progress of Love brings together the work of thirty contemporary artists who eschew traditional European romantic notions of love for less familiar manifestations. Dozens of color images show works in a range of media by Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Zoulikha Bouabdellah, Sophie Calle, Mary Ellen Carroll, Kendell Geers, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Romuald Hazoumé, Zanele Muholi, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Yinka Shonibare, MBE, and others. Edited by Kristina Van Dyke and Bisi Silva, this hardcover volume was published in conjunction with the exhibition The Progress of Love (2012-13), a transatlantic collaboration between Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, The Menil Collection in Houston, and the Centre for Contemporary Art in Lagos, Nigeria.

Exhibition Catalogues

Art of Its Own Making

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Art of Its Own Making explores the artistic process and the ways in which artworks evolve over time through interactions with people and their surroundings. The exhibition features sculpture, installation, film, video, performance, and sound works by a dozen artists who examine how elements outside their control impact the works of art that they create. The exhibition catalogue includes an introduction by curator Gretchen Wagner, with individual annotations and photographs for each of the works on view. (36 pp.)

Brancusi and Serra in Dialogue

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Despite differences in generation and background, the work of Constantin Brancusi (1876-1957) and Richard Serra (b. 1939) reveal parallel approaches and responses to form. They share a fascination with stacking elements, with spreading and concentrating volumes, and with stressing sculptural aspects of weight and material. This exhibition brings works by both artists into dialogue—not only with each other, but also with the surrounding architecture of the Pulitzer building. The exhibition catalogue features installation photography from the exhibition and information about the works on view.

To experience the exhibition and read the corresponding texts, please visit the Web Catalogue.

Calder LightnessRichard Tuttle Wire PiecesFred Sandback 64 Three–Part Pieces

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Concurrent solo exhibitions of Alexander Calder, Richard Tuttle, and Fred Sandback were selected to mark the May 2015 reopening of the Pulitzer after an extended renovation period. Bridging all three exhibitions, this catalogue features an original commissioned poem by Cole Swensen; essays by exhibition curators Carmen Giménez, Emily Rauh Pulitzer, and Tamara H. Schenkenberg; and images of works on paper by Calder, Tuttle, and Sandback. Published as an oversized booklet with hand-sewn binding, this catalogue extends the experience of the works on view through poetic, artistic, and scholarly perspectives. (48 pp.)

Dan Flavin:Constructed Light

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The focus of this exhibition is the immersive experience of Dan Flavin's work—sculptural installations composed of mass-produced light fixtures and fluorescent tubes. The exhibition is curated by Tiffany Bell, project director of the Dan Flavin catalogue raisonné, and coordinated by Steve Morse, conservator at the Dan Flavin Studio. This brochure features full-color images of the installation at the Pulitzer, as well as a preface by Bell, an interview with Bell and Morse, and a conversation between Bell and Emily Rauh Pulitzer. (32 pp.)

Donald Judd:The Multicolored Works

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Donald Judd: The Multicolored Works presents the first exhibition devoted exclusively to the group of objects created by Judd between 1984 and 1992 that are characterized by his ever-evolving engagement with the subject of color. The exhibition catalogue provides color images of the works as they were installed at the Pulitzer and features an introduction by Tamara H. Schenkenberg, Associate Curator; an interview between Schenkenberg and exhibition curator Marianne Stockebrand; and a reprinting of Donald Judd's classic essay "Some Aspects of Color in General and Red and Black in Particular." (56 pp.)


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Dreamscapes inspires questions about the act of dreaming—the succession of thoughts, images, sounds, or emotions that the mind experiences during sleep. The exhibition features twenty-five works spanning six centuries of artists whose work straddles the infinitely permeable borders between the real and the surreal, the conscious and the unconscious. The exhibition catalogue features installation photography from the exhibition and an introduction by the curator.


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Like the grammatical mark that inspires its title, Ellipsis encourages audiences to both draw connections among individual works and linger in the spaces between them. This catalogue complements the exhibition through a series of essays that introduce and explore the works on view, with contributions by co-curators Tamara H. Schenkenberg, Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Philip Matthews, and Jennifer Baker. The embossed cover evokes the textures and traces that are inherent to the exhibition, and color photographs reproduce all of the works on view. (52 pp.)

Exploring Ando's Space:Art and the Spiritual

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Art and the Spiritual presents ways in which material objects can serve as conduits to immaterial realms of experience. The exhibition explores the nature of belief, faith, ritual, and aesthetics through a wide range of artifacts and art objects juxtaposed to provoke cross-cultural and trans-historical comparisons. This gallery guide offers a series of short contextual introductions to the art and artists featured in the exhibition. (10 pp.)

Exquisite Everyday: 18th–Century Decorative Arts Objects from the J. Paul Getty Museum

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Exquisite Everyday brings together seven decorative arts objects made in France and Italy in the early 1700s, demonstrating the increased attention paid to everyday activities by the skilled artists and craftspeople of the period. Published as a booklet, this catalogue features an introductory essay by exhibition curator Tamara H. Schenkenberg that examines each of the works in detail, along with corresponding historical, cultural, and social context. (12 pp.)

Hiroshi Sugimoto:Photographs of Joe

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When the artist Hiroshi Sugimoto visited the Pulitzer in 2003, he initially intended to take photographs of the building, which was designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. However, Sugimoto quickly focused on Richard Serra's Joe, a torqued spiral sculpture that was commissioned for the Pulitzer courtyard. Nineteen of these images comprise the exhibition at the Pulitzer. This brochure provides installation images of the photographs, information on Sugimoto's photographic technique, and an interview between the artist and Deborah Martin Kao. (24 pp.)

Ideal (Dis–) Placements:Old Masters at the Pulitzer

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Ideal (Dis-) Placements: Old Masters at the Pulitzer presents paintings and drawings from the collections of the Saint Louis Art Museum and Harvard Art Museums, including artworks by renowned artists from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. The exhibition catalogue provides images of the works in the context of the galleries and offers detailed descriptions of the art and artists featured in the exhibition. The catalogue republishes some of the earliest known writing on the lives of the Old Masters, providing readers with a historical reference for how the artists were considered in their time, and also includes interviews with curators Matthias Waschek, Marjorie B. Cohn, Judith Mann, and Stephan Wolohojian (48 pp.)

In the Still Epiphany

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In celebration of its tenth anniversary year, Pulitzer Arts Foundation invited the artist Gedi Sibony to curate from the personal collection of Emily and Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. The exhibition catalogue provides color images of the installed works and features a text by Sibony; an essay by Marjorie B. Cohn, author of Classic Modern: The Art Worlds of Joseph Pulitzer, Jr; and a conversation between Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Founder and Chair, and Kristina Van Dyke, Director, which traces the Pulitzer's first ten years and projects a vision for its future. (58 pp.)

Kota: Digital Excavations inAfrican Art

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This catalogue features an extended essay by exhibition co-curator Frederic Cloth, along with dozens of his original drawings and graphics. These illustrations not only depict the many formal elements that comprise Kota reliquary guardian figures, but also demonstrate a process of discovery that begins with close looking. Printed with dos-à-dos binding and exposed board covers, one side of the catalogue is a thirty-six page booklet that explores the Kota, their history, and Cloth’s digitally driven conclusions; the other side of the catalogue offers a fold-out illustrated checklist with detailed drawings of all of the works on view. (36 pp., plus two-sided fold-out)

Medardo Rosso: Experiments in Light and Form

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Medardo Rosso: Experiments in Light and Form is the first comprehensive exhibition of the artist’s work in a US museum in over fifty years. This catalogue presents focused essays by exhibition curators Sharon Hecker and Tamara H. Schenkenberg that explore Rosso’s life and works, his unconventional modeling and casting processes, and his efforts to understand, engineer, and employ light throughout his career. The catalogue is illustrated throughout with images of Rosso’s most celebrated sculptural subjects, as well as examples of his lesser-known drawings and photographs. (58 pp.)

Minimalismand Beyond

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This exhibition not only presents a selection of works by artists who were working in the 1960s, but also highlights those of a younger generation who have both redefined and continued the legacy of Minimalism. The exhibition features works by Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Donald Judd, Ellsworth Kelly, Barnett Newman, Richard Serra, and Richard Tuttle, as well as Robert Gober, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Roni Horn, and Rachel Whiteread. The exhibition brochure provides images of the works as they were installed at the Pulitzer; information about the works; artist statements; a selection of short poems chosen by The Poetry Foundation; and an introduction by Matthias Waschek, former Director of the Pulitzer. (20 pp.)


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By highlighting the many ways in which modern and contemporary artists have represented individuals or referenced groups of people, this exhibition looks at the dialectic between representation and figuration in the present. In addition to new takes on traditional portraiture, many of the works on view move beyond physical likenesses in order to convey presence through uncommon means. This exhibition brochure provides photographs of the installation at the Pulitzer, contextual information for each of the artworks, and statements from the artists in their own words. (20 pp.)

raumlaborberlin: 4562 Enright Avenue

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4562 Enright Avenue is a large-scale, site-specific installation by the Berlin-based architecture collective raumlaborberlin that transforms an abandoned, structurally unsound house in St. Louis by bringing its building materials, objects, and history into the Pulitzer’s main gallery. Published as a booklet, this catalogue features an extended essay on the project, its process, and its partners by exhibition curator Kristin Fleischmann Brewer; a conversation between raumlabor and cultural historian Michael Allen; a conversation between Alderman Terry Kennedy and Pamela Talley, President of Lewis Place Historical Preservation, Inc.; and reproductions of original drawings and diagrams produced by raumlabor in conjunction with their design research. (36 pp.)

Reflections of the Buddha

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Reflections of the Buddha presents works that traverse both geographic and temporal boundaries—from the second century to the twentieth century—and includes over twenty masterpieces from seven important American collections. The exhibition catalogue includes color photographs of the works installed within the Pulitzer's building, as well as an essay by exhibition curator Francesca Herndon-Consagra and a foreword by Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Founder and Chair of Pulitzer Arts Foundation. (48 pp.)