Terry Adkins: Resounding

136 Pages


Terry Adkins: Resounding is a fully illustrated catalogue, including essays by Clifford Owens, Lowery Stokes Sims, and Stephanie Weissberg, and installation images of Adkins’s work at the Pulitzer.

This publication highlights the work of prolific American artist Terry Adkins (1953–2014) who made a significant impact on the fields of contemporary sculpture and performance. Adkins synthesized a deep interest in history with an improvisational approach to art making, producing an expansive body of work that often reflects on the legacies of unsung figures from the canon of American culture.

Terry Adkins: Resounding traces the artist’s development over his more than three-decade career with nearly fifty works across a variety of media including sound, sculpture, video, and printmaking. The book includes rarely shown examples from Adkins’s early practice alongside some of his most celebrated works, bringing together selections from several acclaimed installations for the first time since their historic debut. In addition, the catalogue includes a range of items that the artist collected, including books, musical instruments, and objects from a diversity of artistic traditions. This collection of personal significance provides new insight into the breadth of Adkins’s literary, musical, and visual influences.


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