Sarah Crowner: Serpentear

110 Pages


New York–based artist Sarah Crowner (born 1974) makes paintings, ceramics, sculptures, installations and theater sets. Her large-scale sewn canvases display a fluency in mid-20th-century art, artists and architecture, with a particular regard for geometric abstraction and Color Field compositions. Crowner’s rigorous practice has long engaged thematic research with an abiding interest in materials, craft, and their related histories and processes.

This beautifully produced, comprehensive publication spans over a decade of the artist’s wide-ranging practice, documenting all of her major works to date, including her most recent exhibitions in Mexico and Brazil. Essays by Nikki Columbus, Diego Matos and Ingrid Schaffner discuss Crowner’s tileworks, paintings and designs for the stage in depth, showing how she has drawn inspiration from Mexican culture across disciplines and throughout the history of modernism as a whole. A portfolio of images is featured alongside Quinn Latimer’s lyrical narrative poem “Score for Three Snakes.”


Published by Turner