Brian Owens, Executive Artist in Residence at the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra and singer-songwriter with the Deacons of Soul, and the student artists at LIFE Arts, Inc. will collaborate to produce a lyrical and musical score for the Blue Black exhibition.

Owens started LIFE Arts to help impact the young people in his hometown of Ferguson, MO, and give them the chance to process trauma in their environments through music. His program has expanded to include participants from different public schools across the metropolitan area.

Through this program, five young songwriters will tour Blue Black and draft personal and group reflections to the exhibition. Logos School for Boys will also visit the exhibition and respond to it guided by trained music therapist, Stephanie Holly. Owens and other songwriters will work with the young LIFE Arts artists to turn their writings and the responses of the other students into a musical arrangement, crafting the score over the course of the exhibition.