Krystal Krunch, the collaborative duo of Haruko Tanaka and Asher Hartman, uses intuition, architectural spaces, and artworks to bring people closer together. Their guided readings respond to energy in the body, mind, and physical world, helping people activate their full potential and lead lives of compassion, love, and wonder.

You’ll hear reflections about who you are beneath the surface, and you’ll be able to do that for another person. The takeaway is a connection to another human being that goes beyond surface, appearance, common interests, and affiliations. – Krystal Krunch

Founded in Los Angeles in 2007, Krystal Krunch combines the passions and interdisciplinary practices of both artists. Hartman uses theatre and performance to explore the concept of self in relation to Western histories and ideologies, while Tanaka’s work in photography, film, and other disciplines engages cultural translation and transmission. Together, their dynamic intuition-building workshops have been presented at the Hammer Museum, Machine Project, the Walker Art Center, and the Hayward Gallery, among others.

At the Pulitzer, Krystal Krunch will activate the space of the building by leading a workshop on energy and deep looking. Beginning with meditation and relaxation exercises that can enhance psychic abilities, participants will engage the works on view through collective experience and intuition, sensing the subtleties—both seen and unseen—to be discovered in the sculptures, photographs, and drawings by Medardo Rosso. If you are nervous to join, Krystal Krunch says that’s normal: “Everyone is embarrassed at first, but it quickly becomes a warm and connected experience.”