The library for Living Proof: Drawing in 19th-Century Japan and Rough Cut: Independent Japanese Animation offers a collection of books related to the practice of printmaking, Japanese culture, and animation, and has been selected by the exhibition curators, the East Asian and Special Collections Libraries at Washington University in St. Louis, and the Japan America Society of St. Louis. Selections provide additional information on the artworks and artists in the exhibitions, as well as the creative practices and the culture of Edo-period Japan. A special section of children’s books has been organized by Left Bank Books.

In addition to exhibition-specific literature, the library includes vinyl records chosen by St. Louis-based artists, musicians, and authors, that refer to sampling, rough cuts, and drafts across musical genres, drawing inspiration from the exhibitions on view. A selection of Edo-period Japanese music for kabuki theater is also included.  Special thanks to our contributors: Syrhea Conaway, DJ Crucial, Eric Hall, Peter Henderson, ICE, Sunyatta McDermott, Black Spade, and Darian Wigfall.

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