because he don’t know that he is a bird, he don’t know that he can catch him a stream, to float and dive,& stretch out & glide. and it’s waiting on em. — A.M. Frison, excerpt from Wet Grass

Musician and lyrical artist A.M. Frison, also known as Coultrain, combines music, performance, video, and writing into a cross-disciplinary practice. Through his residency at the Pulitzer, Frison has written a mythological cross-genre artist book, Wet Grass, and an accompanying musical score, The Bluest Blue. “Wet Grass is an experimental ode to the stars,” said Frison. “The premise contains an underlying theme that bleeds an otherworldly sentiment.”

Prior to his residency at the Pulitzer, Frison was an artist-in-residence at the Rebuild Foundation in Chicago, where he taught a bi-weekly art workshop and performed regularly at the Stony Island Arts Bank. In April, he released his latest album, Bottle Tree, a collaboration with composer and cornetist Ben Lamar Gay and drummer Tomasso Moretti. His single “Open Secret” premiered on AFROPUNK, a web magazine dedicated to celebrating alternative culture and activism. Past solo albums include Side Effex Of Make-Believe; divided for love’s sakeJungle Mumbo Jumbo, and GodMustBeABoogieMan.

Join us this Friday, July 7 at 7pm for the Wet Grass book release and a performative reading by A.M. Frison. Limited-edition copies of the book, designed by Jonathan Hanahan of Milieu, will be available for purchase and will include a link to download The Bluest Blue.

Follow A.M. Frison on Twitter @Coultrain.