Born in Beirut to a Palestinian family and based in London and Berlin, Mona Hatoum creates discomforting, challenging work that reveals the contradictions and uncertainties of our complex, confounding world. Using domestic and other familiar objects, Hatoum creates installations and sculptures that may simultaneously evoke fear and fascination, or beauty and revulsion, and that could hardly be more pertinent to our era of global migration and political uncertainty.

Mona Hatoum: Terra Infirma, which has been organized and will open at The Menil Collection, in Houston, Texas, will comprise some 30 major sculptures and installations from international collections. These will include, for example, Homebound (1999), a room-size assemblage of household objects and furniture threaded together by a crackling wire of live electricity, and La grande broyeuse (Mouli-Julienne x 17) (1999) a vegetable slicer that has been enlarged to monumental proportions, transforming it into an unfamiliar, menacing creature.