The Delmar: A Senior Artists Gallery presents its inaugural exhibition, Renaissance Gathering, in its mobile art space. The artists who make up the collective Room13Delmar are both artists and curators who have selected works that best represent their imaginative spirit. This eclectic exhibition features painting, sculpture, drawing, textile, and multimedia artworks. The assembled artworks are a peek into each artist’s rich personal history, their respective joy in self-expression, and their willingness to be creatively led intuitively. The Delmar mobile gallery is a trailer that has been renovated into a white-wall gallery. It will be parked outside of the museum and the artists will be present to share their works.

As elders in the St. Louis community, the Room13Delmar artists share their wisdom through their work, enriching themselves and the surrounding community. In addition to being a supportive arts community for one another, these artists are civic-minded; many of their works daringly challenge current socio-political themes and have been used in protest to chart new possibilities for future generations. The capacity to mobilize their work through The Delmar mobile gallery ensures that the Room13Delmar artists can assert their voices beyond the divides that can often barrier marginalized communities from exhibiting within traditional art gallery spaces.

The Delmar Gallery is produced with artist Ilene Berman. Before the start of the pandemic, The Delmar mobile gallery was the recipient of a Mid America Association of the Arts Interchange Grant.