As part of the Monument Lab Research Residency, three researchers—Liz Deichmann, Derek Laney, and MK Stallings—are holding office hours at the Pulitzer to meet with the public. Visit the mezzanine during open hours and contribute to the research by drawing your own map of St. Louis’s symbols and sites of memory. 

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Liz Deichmann works both as an arts administrator and researcher / evaluator to serve individual artists, collectives, and nonprofits to foster sustainable growth and equitable, innovative practices. She is a co-founder of Midwest Artist Project Services, an artist services nonprofit, and two grassroots arts collectives.


Derek Laney is a father and organizer with a background in social services. Derek a member of the steering committee of the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression, and is a board member of CivTech St. Louis, and of the PotBangerz-Feed the Body Mission.


MK Stallings is an educator, poet, and community arts administrator. In 2001, Stallings founded UrbArts, where he serves as president and chief executive officer. He is dedicated to creating platforms for youth and community development.

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