Pulitzer Arts Foundation, in collaboration with Ballroom Marfa and The Public Concern Foundation, brought Marfa Dialogues to St. Louis. Marfa Dialogues is an ongoing program series that explores the science and culture of climate change in relation to artistic practice. MD / STL challenged creative thinkers to present imaginative solutions to climate change issues in the Midwest and to enhance awareness of the impact that our daily actions have on the global climate. MD / STL represented the most recent iteration of Marfa Dialogues, which had previously been presented in Marfa, Texas and New York City. Through MD / STL, the Pulitzer highlighted the ways in which art can serve as a catalyst for unexpected collaboration.

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The series featured programs created by the organizing institutions and local grant recipients. This diverse range included artists, designers, journalists, scientists, business leaders, and activists. Program highlights included a City as Living Laboratory walk with artist Mary Miss and a project designed to support the growth of the endangered Monarch butterfly population by Jenny Kendler, the artist-in-residence for the National Resources Defense Council. Through the collaborations that made this series of programs possible, MD / STL furthered the Pulitzer’s mission to provide unexpected arts experiences that inspire new ways of thinking.

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