Join us for First Friday at the Pulitzer: Tarot Night. Visitors can learn about the origins of tarot and its connection with nature from Tarot Card Medium Annalisa Renovitch, and receive psychic guidance through an individualized reading with LadyAshley Gregory. Readings will take place on a first-come first-serve basis. This program is inspired by The Nature of Things: Medieval Art & Ecology, 1100-1550.

About the Readers

Annalisa Renovitch
With a background in philosophy, behavioral health and religious studies, Annalisa combines a deep understanding of human thought and behavior with psychic intuition to bring messages from the universe. Her unique set of skills has been formed by education, experience, and a long spiritual journey towards hope and healing. She is the founder of Moon Tree Tarot.

LadyAshley Gregory
LadyAshley Gregory began her career as a community organizer and knowledge sharer. She transitioned to be a certified reiki master, astrologer, and spiritual diviner who creates divine tools. A native of St. Louis Missouri and the grandniece of the late civil rights activist Dick Gregory, LadyAshley Gregory uses her work to focus on bringing awareness to self and holistically healing ourselves and our earth. She is the founder of The Living Orisha, LLC.