Explore the fun and expressive world of weaving by making your own loom from materials you have at home! This Art Recess activity invites you to gather materials like cardboard, single use plastic bags, and old textiles to create upcycled works of woven art. Hang your finished project on the wall or send it to a friend—me-made art is a meaningful and low-waste way to connect with others on gift-giving occasions.

In addition to embracing “outsider” art materials like clay and gum during her career, artist Hannah Wilke brought different types of media together to assemble collage-like work with layered meanings. An example of this is Wilke’s piece, In Memoriam: Selma Butter (Mommy) (1979–83), featured in Hannah Wilke: Art for Life’s Sake. A memorial to her late mother, Wilke combines her signature sculptural forms, photography, and text to explore and affirm life alongside death. For project inspiration, you can explore Wilke’s mixed-media sculpture and photography at the Pulitzer through January 16, 2022.