Head outside and gather natural materials to create a unique solar printed collage. This project is inspired by the summer season and Park-Like, the sustainably designed, urban park space located across the street from the Pulitzer. Consider beginning your solar collage project by visiting Park-Like and exploring its interwoven pathways, plant life, and the unique perspectives that emerge from nature.

When you get home, use the following tutorial to explore your own surroundings. Using plant life, you can create dreamy prints in the sun with simple arts and crafts materials. Inspired by cyanotypes, this classic printmaking technique involves laying out objects onto a sheet of dark construction paper and allowing sunlight to leave an impression on the paper’s surface.

Like Park-Like, this simple project can be enjoyed by makers of all ages. When you have finished one print, head back to the park and make some more! Keep scrolling for a bonus tutorial on turning your prints into a botanical zine, a great project to learn more about your bio-region.