Make your own clay-like material with ingredients from your kitchen! This project is inspired by the ceramic sculptures of artist Hannah Wilke. Wilke often embraced unusual materials to create lively and humorous sculptures. To learn more and find inspiration in Wilke’s artwork, check out Hannah Wilke: Art for Life’s Sake at the museum.

Use the following tutorial to create bakeable “clay” for molding, sculpting and creative play. Add color to your material with food dye before baking, or add paint afterwards. While baking your finished product is a good way to make it last, you can also leave it raw to break down over time. Many of Hannah Wilke’s sculptures did just that—celebrating life through decay.

Not sure what to sculpt? Scroll to the end of the tutorial for creative ideas from arts educators Anna Chapman, Gladys Puente Calampa, and Emily Prescott.

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