We invite you to practice observation, deep thinking, and close looking with Museum Educators as your guide. Learners of all ages will engage in discovery through discussions from the Educator’s unique perspectives, making meaningful connections to art.

Themes are inspired by Delcy Morelos: Interwoven and On Earth. Tours last approximately 45 minutes. A list of dates and themes are below and are subject to change based on the availability of the Educator. Keep checking back for new dates!

List of Tours:

Let’s get creative! Exploring the permanent collection through composition led by Bristol
In this tour, visitors have the opportunity to creatively engage through photography. The tour starts with a crash course on composition and a discussion on what makes a quality, captivating composition. We will examine each work in the Pulitzer’s permanent collection: Scott Burton’s Rock Settee, Ellsworth Kelly’s Blue Black, and Richard Serra’s Joe. Visitors will be able to spend time capturing the beauty of these works, as well as learning how the physical space and lighting of the Pulitzer can be used as compositional elements. This is meant to be a fun, relaxed, and introductory tour for all ages. We will primarily use smartphones, but other cameras are welcome! If you would prefer to explore composition through sketching, supplies will be provided. Remember to use no flash!

Sat, April 6 at 1:00pm
Sun, April 7 at 11:00am

Interconnected Healing Through Art led by Bristol
This tour encourages reflection on different forms of interconnectedness; spiritual, ecological, and ancestral. Participants will view works from Delcy Morelos: Interwoven and On Earth, witnessing the artists’ poignant use of their backgrounds and lived experiences to create meaningful art. There will be opportunities to discuss how art gives us tools to explore the healing powers of connecting with our roots. Private journaling near the end of the tour (with free journals provided!) will be encouraged so that participants may explore avenues of healing through connection with the earth, community, and ancestors.

Fri, April 19 at 7:00pm
Fri, April 26 at 4:00pm
Thur, May 9 at 2:00pm

Mendieta/Morelos: Women’s Work and the Natural World led by Kennedy
The works of Ana Mendieta (1948-1985) and Delcy Morelos (b. 1967) hold a similar reverence for Mother Earth, and both engage the storied relationship between womanhood and nature’s many cycles. Within their respective videos, sculptures, and drawings, Mendieta and Morelos invite viewers to make sense of the processes that define every organic life experience: birth, growth, decay, and regeneration. On this thematic tour, audiences will engage in close looking exercises that examine the natural world as an inspirational force for the artists, and then will have the chance to respond to those forces with designs of their own.

Sun, April 14 at 1:00pm
Sun, April 28 at 1:00pm
Sun, May 19 at 1:00pm

Animal Languages and Earthly Sculptures: Seeing Art in Nature, Nature in the Museum led by Kris
What separates a bird nest from a basket, an anthill from a city? In this tour, museumgoers will consider how pieces from the Pulitzer’s permanent collection and current exhibitions, Delcy Morelos: Interwoven and On Earth, harmonize with organic patterns and animal constructions, from the steel swirl of Richard Serra’s Joe, to the curvature of a nautilus shell, to spiral-armed galaxies. Rather than seeing the museum space as separate from plant and animal life, this tour imagines art in concert with nature. Just as animals move through their habitat, visitors will move through the Pulitzer attuned to sights, smells, and sounds, breathing in the cinnamon-scented Earthly Weaving and listening to the plucky musicality of Quarta Feira de Cinzas/Epilogue (Ash Wednesday / Epilogue). By the end of the tour, museumgoers will have considered expansive patterns in nature and in art, reflecting on what it means to be both human and animal.

Fri, March 15 at 2:00pm
Sun, March 17 at 12:00pm

Gardens Galore led by Mary Kate
What does dwarf bamboo have to do with art? Is there rock furniture in your garden? Join Mary Kate in the search for other serendipitous items found in local gardens. In this tour, participants will explore the role of natural inspirations of Tadao Ando’s architectural intentions for the Pulitzer building. Whether you are a lover of parks or wonder how your green thumb makes you an artist, then this tour is for you!

Thur, May 2 at 11:00am
Sat, May 18 at 1:00pm

Warp and Weft: Exploring the Body through Textile Arts led by Mary Kate
Join Mary Kate in the exploration of textile-inspired works as embodiments of their creators in current exhibitions Delcy Morelos: Interwoven and On Earth. Participants will examine traditions of handcraft as well as the spiritual, ancestral, and gendered intentions woven through the art installations and video art on view.

Fri, May 3 at 11:00am
Sat, May 11 at 11:00am