The Wailing Institute offers workshops that explore guttural noise making and embodied movement as a strategy for self-soothing, self-regulation, and emotional discharging.

We are born with the deep knowing that our bodies must discharge emotional energy; this is why we are born wailing and shaking. Capitalist, white supremacy culture has taught us that these behaviors are often inappropriate or need to be quieted or stilled immediately. Crying is a disruption, trembling is disturbing, and laughing is only embraced at the “right” time and place. Additionally, positivity culture allows little space to embrace the ecstatic nature of our more painful emotions like grief, anger, or fear. The Wailing Institute provides space to reconnect with these innate tools in a gentle way so that folx may reclaim their embodiment’s natural inclination to self-soothe. These exercises will strengthen your distress tolerance, your empathic connections, your inner felt sense, and your ability to show up for the movements that need you.

In this two-hour introductory workshop, Lindsay Tunkl will lead a small group through a series of activities exploring what it means to relearn feeling out loud. You can expect to leave feeling resourced, connected to your body and free.

Space is limited for this free program; registration is required. Please register using the form below.