Berlin-based architecture collective raumlaborberlin returns to St. Louis in September as a part of their “We Like America” tour to host community programs in their Spacebuster. An inflatable, movable piece of architecture, the Spacebuster is a van retrofitted with a large inflatable that extends from the rear hatch and holds up to eighty people, becoming a social space for temporary, collective uses. The Pulitzer will host a program in the Spacebuster organized in collaboration with At the Edge of Everything Else | St. Louis, a new local social series for artists, architects, and urbanists.

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Join us for an informal, social gathering with 10-minute presentations by Marshall Brown, Chicago-based architect and urban designer; Sarah Coffin, Program Director for Urban Planning and Development at St. Louis University; Jennifer Colten, artist and Senior Lecturer in Photography at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Art at Washington University in St. Louis; and Ryan Griffis, co-organizer of Regional Relationships, a Chicago-based platform for artists to engage in the natural, industrial, and cultural landscapes of the region. 
At the Edge of Everything Else | St. Louis is a casual, weekly forum for people working at the intersection of cultural and spatial production to share projects and ideas. Running for twelve nights this fall, from September 13 to December 6, the series will hover between social club and public program, with each night anchored by a few brief presentations but mainly dedicated to conversation. The name is poached from Esther Choi and Marikka Trotter’s 2010 “Architecture at the Edge of Everything Else.” Taking their titular gesture a step further, At the Edge of Everything Else privileges no one departure point, instead inhabiting an interdisciplinary center-space defined by the entanglement of the fields at its periphery: art, architecture, urban theory, cultural geography, landscape, and community development, among others.
Spacebuster / We Like America is a partnership between raumlaborberlin and Storefront for Art & Architecture, presented by Übermut Project, an initiative of visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing funded by the German Foreign Office.
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