The Lone Wolf Recital Corps is a rotating collective of multidisciplinary artists and musicians founded by Terry Adkins in 1986. To accompany Terry Adkins: Resounding, the Corps will perform a series of multimedia happenings that incorporate live music, video, spoken word, costuming, sculpture, and choreographic movement. Termed “recitals” by Adkins, these ensembles of objects, environments, and performances call attention to underrepresented historical figures.

The first performance in this series is organized by renowned artists Clifford Owens and Kamau Amu Patton. This event is free to attend but space is limited; early arrival is encouraged.


Fri, Apr 17

Amun, the Unseen Legends
Atum (Honey from a Flower Named Blue)
Postlude (Corpus Specere)

Sat, Apr 18

Second Mind
Alto Age
Luxor Solo (Mystical Score for the Ghost of Bud Powell)