James N. Wood
June 21, 2010

It is with great sadness that we learned of James N. Wood’s sudden death. The Board and the staff of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts join his family, friends and colleagues in their grief.  

Jim was a member of the Board of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts since its inception.  He was our President for the period between his retirement from the direction of the Art Institute of Chicago and his nomination to the post of the President of the Getty Trust.

Emily Rauh Pulitzer, Founder and Chairman of the Board: Jim has been a close friend since his directorship of the Saint Louis Art Museum. As a member of our board, Jim influenced the development of the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts in numerous and fundamental ways.  He helped to craft our mission statement and proposed the two words that are now the core of our identity: laboratory and sanctuary.  Without Jim’s wise guidance, the Pulitzer would be a dim shadow of what it is today.

Matthias Waschek, Director: Since my appointment in 2003, Jim has been a mentor and friend, very gently steering me into new directions when I needed it. This mentoring role defined his presence on our board. We will miss him.

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