Exhibition Catalogues

stylus – a project by ann hamilton

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Commissioned specifically for Pulitzer Arts Foundation, stylus invites questions into some of the most fundamental acts of human communication—speech, writing, and touch—through the dense accumulation of materials and media. The gallery guide for this exhibition takes the form of a box that collects individual documents. These include an introduction by exhibition curator Matthias Waschek and short texts by Hamilton, in addition to photographs and video stills from the project. (16 pp. in total, plus container)

The Light Project

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This project is presented in conjunction with the exhibition Dan Flavin: Constructed Light and organized in collaboration with the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Saint Louis Art Museum, and White Flag Projects. This initiative is motivated by a commitment to the arts and an interest in social and urban revitalization, beginning with our own Grand Center neighborhood. The exhibition brochure provides images of the installed works and features interviews between each of the four artists (or team of artists) and their respective curators. (40 pp.)

The Ordinary Must Not Be Dull: Claes Oldenburg’s Soft Sculptures

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With a prolific career spanning over fifty years, Claes Oldenburg has made a radical contribution to the history of sculpture by rethinking its materials, forms, and subject matter. This exhibition is devoted to the artist’s soft sculptures, a body of work that he began developing in 1962. Published as a booklet, this catalogue features an extended essay by exhibition curator Tamara H. Schenkenberg; full-color reproductions of the works on view; and an essay by Oldenburg that was originally published in 1970. (32 pp.)

Urban Alchemy/Gordon Matta-Clark

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Trained as an architect, Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978) used neglected structures slated for demolition as his raw material, carving out sections of buildings with a chainsaw. The exhibition brochure provides images of the works installed within the Pulitzer and presents valuable information on the artist and his art. The catalogue text is comprised of quotations from the artist and an interview between Francesca Herndon-Consagra, exhibition curator, and Jane Crawford, the artist's widow and the director of his estate. This brochure also publishes for the first time a reproduction of Matta-Clark's 1976 Guggenheim Fellowship proposal for a community project in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. (40 pp.)


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The works featured in Water at the Pulitzer reveal the range of responses that water has elicited from modern and contemporary artists. The exhibition brochure provides images of the Pulitzer's water court in varying degrees of natural light, in addition to photographs of the installed works. The images are supplemented by statements from or interviews with the artists, as well as an introduction by Matthias Waschek, former Director of the Pulitzer. (32 pp.)