PXSTL: Lotsby Freecell Architecture


May 9– Oct 42014



Fri, May 9

Opening Reception

For the opening celebration, the Pulitzer commissioned a site-specific dance performance by students from Grand Center Arts Academy’s top dance ensemble. This performance featured costumes lit by LED, which was the result of a unique collaboration between the Academy’s Makerspace lab and the dance department. Visitors were also invited to meet the grant recipients for upcoming community programs at PXSTL, who were on site to discuss their projects and goals.

Sat, May 24

Urban Drum Circle

Andrew Scheinman

This interactive installation of drum kits made from a variety of found objects and traditional percussion instruments invited the public—from passersby to professionals—to engage with one another through music.

Sat, Jun 21
1:00–3:00 pm

United Story: InterAction

Catalysts by Design – De Andrea Nichols, Cambrie Nelson & Emily Bornstein

This collaborative event highlighted and questioned interactivity within the St. Louis community through various story-based exchanges. Activities included a MakerShare video booth, ball pit of icebreakers, staged storytelling, a Humans of St. Louis project, and more.

Mon, Jul 7–Sun, Jul 13
8:00 pm

Reflections with Paul

Paul Artspace – Michael Behle & David Johnson

Reflections with Paul created an opportunity for pause and reflection in the urban setting of Grand Center by installing hammocks at the site, along with photographic and audio elements that were captured at the property of Paul Artspace. Audio elements by Brett Williams and Lauren Cardenas.

Sun, Jul 20

FoodSpark:Creative SoapBox

Aaron McMullin, De Andrea Nichols & Emily Bornstein

With this potluck-style gathering, FoodSpark challenged the local community to generate conversations that bring St. Louis social issues to the forefront of creative expression through the exchange of ideas and food.

Fri, Aug 15–Sun, Aug 17
8:15 pm

Bread for Work

Alex Elmestad & Sean Starowitz

Edible bread tokens were offered to the public in return for goods or services, creating an exchange similar to a time bank and providing the public with substantial nourishment for their work.