Emily Rauh Pulitzer


Cara Starke


Steve Berg

Director of Finance and Planning

Kristin Fleischmann Brewer

Director of Public Projects and Engagement

Hannah Burtness

Marketing Coordinator

Matt Conley

Assistant Visitor Services Manager

Addoley Dzegede

Public Projects Fellow

Silas Ellis

Manager of Security

Natalie M. Foster


Steve Gibbs

Lead Preparator

Stephen Hayes

Digital Media Coordinator

Brittny Koskela

Assistant Registrar

Sophie Lipman

Public Projects and Engagement Organizer

Molly Pearson

Visitor Services Manager

Katie Hasler Peissig

Director of Marketing and Communications

Justin Phillip Reed

Public Engagement Coordinator

Tamara H. Schenkenberg

Associate Curator

David L. Selph

Director of Operations

Shane Simmons

Director of Exhibition Design and Installation

Heather Alexis Smith

Curatorial Assistant

Stephanie Weissberg

Assistant Curator

Rick Werner

Assistant Facilities Manager

Sharice Williams

Assistant Business Manager / Human Resources Manager

Rebecka Wyrde

Visitor Services Associate

Gerald Young

Assistant Manager of Security